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Hi, welcome to the Kids Story - Just listen to it testing family

Who doesn't know it? You don't have time, but you know how important it is to read a story to your kid. With Kids Story, your kid gets the right story read to him or her, and of course with the highest level of privacy. Kids need special content to enjoy good development. All our stories are checked by hand and automatically converted into different languages and audio. Therefore we can guarantee a constant quality. Many studies have proven how important stories are for kids in their development. They encourage creativity and help the kid to present different things. Features: - Personal greeting for your kid. - A personal recommendation will be adapted to the interests of the kid by an AI, rate your daily recommendation - Stories are read by a male or female voice, depending on how you or your kid decides - The app and the complete content is available in English and German - Anonymous use without registration - Reminder function for the story in the evening - German and English support - All stories are forever free for parents and children, we want to give every kid the same chances How do we make money? We will place specially reviewed advertisements for kids, which promote the development of the kid. Our privacy policy is at the highest level. We store all data anonymously on German servers. As soon as you create an account, the data will be stored on these servers. We do not store full names or pictures. You and your kid are safe with us, I promise. By the way, if you like to write stories yourself, you are welcome to become an author with us and help other kids. Additionally, you can promote yourself or become an influencer.

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